CAT Pumps Pop Off Valves – 1/4″ & 3/8″

Pop-off valves are used as a backup to your regulator or unloader. They are designed to protect your pump if the regulator or unloader fails. Please note that these are authentic CAT Pump valves designed specifically for use with CAT pumps.

  • Relieves pressure in system caused by obstructions to protect pump and plumbing
  • Discharges water to atmosphere
  • Adjustable relief setting
  • Available in 1/4″ & 3/8″ models
  • Pressure range up to 1,500 PSI for 1/4″ model
  • Pressure range up to 2,000 PSI for 3/8″ model
  • Suitable for CAT Pumps
  • Alternative for pop-off valves