Clay Touch Up Sponge

Allcare’s Clay Touch Up Sponge with nanoskin technology will clean and decontaminate smaller areas of your cars painted surfaces that may have been missed during the clay bar process or for small areas that need attention between comprehensive clay barring . Its advanced polymer rubber technology will restore your vehicles surface back to a smooth finish, so as to enhance your vehicles shine.

  • Effectively cleans and decontaminates your vehicles paintwork.
  • Fine Grade, for regular use on newer or well kept vehicles with light contamination.
  • Safely removes damaging contaminants that washing cannot; such as, embedded dirt, metal particles, paint oxidization, baked on bugs and paint over spray.
  • For safest results, use in conjunction with Allcare’s Clay Bar Lube.
  • Using the Clay Touch Up Sponge will make cleaners and polishes more effective and will help waxes and sealants last longer.
  • Hand washable and reusable for many uses.
  • Cleans windscreens and exterior glass as well.


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