Dixmor LED6S Timer – Combination Vacuums

LED6S Dixmor timers all feature a red countdown display with last minute alert, easy two button programming and built-in re-startable coin counter. All operate on 24VAC with 1-20 coin start and can accumulate up to 99 minutes of time

  • Can be used as a bay timer, vac timer, or combo machine timer
  • LED6 is a shelf mount timer that can be accessed with a remote control
  • Super bright red dot matrix LED display 2 ½” x ¾”.
  • Remote control available for programming or bay washdown
  • Case size 3.5” wide x 2” tall x 3” deep
  • All of the features of the standard LED6 timer plus…..
  • Standard 24 VAC timed load plus four extra inputs and four outputs for combo machines.
  • Two separate time and price settings. One for timing standard output, one for timing extra outputs.
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