Dixmor LED7 Display Bay Timer

Dixmor LED7 timers all feature a red countdown display with last minute alert, easy two button programming and built-in re-settable coin counter for inventory check. All operate on 24VAC with 1 to 200 coin start and can be programmed from 1 to 10 minutes per coin.

  • Programmable scrolling messages to greet and thank customers
  • Built-in memory back-up if power fails.
  • Easily programmed with only 2 push buttons or by using the optional remote control
  • Features red countdown display with last minute alert
  • Operates on 24VAC
  • Left two zeros flash during last minute
  • Continuous time remaining display
  • Quartz crystal for maximum accuracy
  • Additional coins any time during operation
  • Replaceable outer red box.
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