FloJet G57 Santoprene Pump

The Flojet G57 series are compact pumps with high flow and pressure capabilities. They have the highest flow rate for any air pump of comparable size diaphragm air pumps. The Santoprene model is designed to handle most neutral range chemicals.

  • Stall proof design with patented shuttle valve.
  • Easy installation with all quick disconnect ports.
  • Robust design with durable integral mounting.
  • Quiet operation with large exhaust muffler.
  • Flow rates up to 5 GPM
  • Maximum operating pressure – 100 PSI.
  • Maximum operating temperatures -49°C
  • Self-priming to 15ft
  • Patented shuttle valve eliminates stalling
  • Constructed of corrosion resistant materials to handle a wide variety of chemicals
  • Body is Polypropylene
  • Diaphragms and check valves are Santoprene®
  • Springs are 316SS
  • Air inlet is 1/4″
  • Product inlet and outlet are 1/2″ barbs
  • Allowed Fluids for Santoprene Materials:- Potable water, low end acids, low end alkalis, soaps, detergents, alcohols, ketones
  • Not Allowed Fluids for Santoprene Materials:- High end acids, high end alkalis, waxes, clearcoat protectants, oils, solvents, soaps with solvents, D-Limonene, aromatic hydrocarbons



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