Suttner High Pressure Spray Gun With Flex Wand – Completely assembled

The completely assembled Suttner high pressure spray gun is designed to be “universally” comfortable, even for small hands. This completely assembled Suttner high pressure spray gun with flex wand comes in either Weep pr Non Weep models and consists of the following:-

  • 18″ Flex Wand in either Black or Blue
  • High Pressure, water saving 2505 Nozzle
  • Ginsan nozzle protector
  • Forged brass housing for maximum strength.
  • Stainless steel spring, needle, ball and seat.
  • Maximum pressure of 4000PSI,
  • Flow rate of up to12 GPM
  • Maximum temperature of 150deg Celsius
  • 3/8″ FPT inlet fitting
  • Weep guns are kinder to equipment such as pumps, hoses and gauges, as they always weep a small quantity of fluid and standard pressure regulators are easier to maintain than unloader valves