WeatherGuard™ – 3 x 5lt

PACK SIZES: 3 x 5lt

WeatherGuard™ Total Vehicle Protectant with UV Blocker provides customers with a patented micro coating on the vehicle’s surface to enhance shine on painted surfaces, promote beading and drying, and help improve visibility on glass surfaces. It has been formulated for use as the clearcoat protectant (wax) application in automatic friction & touch free machines, as well as car wash tunnels.

  • Smaller pack size designed for easy use in all automatic friction car washes
  • The addition of our UV blocker  helps shield the long-term effects of ultraviolet light on the vehicle’s surface.
    WeatherGuard™ is also silicone fortified and lasts longer than typical sealants and protectants, giving at least 30 days ultimate protection
  • The ‘sheeting’ water repelling properties of WeatherGuard™ allow for extreme coverage on the vehicle surface for a deeper shine and the ultimate visual exxperience.
  • Great for use year-round, WeatherGuard™ helps combat the effects of sun, acid rain, salt and dirt
  • Weatherguard™ has a pleasant grape fragrance which will enhance your customers’ car wash experience.

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