High Pressure Unloader – Adjustable

This pressure-sensitive, high-pressure unloader valve is designed to trap pressure when gun is closed and drop bypass pressure to zero.  Immediate pressure is available when the gun is opened. Trapped pressure unloader valves divert the water flow into bypass when the trigger gun valve is closed. Unloaders may be designed to respond to either an increase in pressure or a change in flow by adjusting the knob or screw on top of the spring.

  • Brass body construction with yellow spring
  • Stainless steel valve
  • Pressure activated
  • Perfect for multiple gun use
  • Maximum flow rate – 21 GPM:
  • Maximum operating pressure – 2,200  PSI
  • Inlet :- 2 x 1/2″ FPT
  • Outlet :- 1/2″ FPT
  • Bypass – 2 x 1/2″ FPT
  • Maximum operating temperature – 88°C
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