A buyer may for any reason cancel their order at any time up to 24 hours after the order is placed, but not after the order has already been delivered, by so notifying Allcare Vehicle Wash Solutions on ph:1300 323 150.


Where materials are to be returned, Allcare Vehicle Wash Solutions will collect the products from the buyer at a convenient time. Pending collection, the buyer is liable to keep the items in a safe and proper manner and take reasonable care of them. Materials should be returned in the original packaging and packed to avoid damage in transit back to our warehouse. Allcare Vehicle Wash Solutions reserves the right to refuse the return of items that are not in the same condition as which they were dispatched.


Any price refunds will be effected within 30 days after Allcare Vehicle Wash Solutions was notified of the reason, conditional upon any returned materials being collected in original saleable condition.


If an order is received with damaged items, Allcare Vehicle Wash Solutions will issue a credit or send replacement items if the buyer so notifies Allcare Vehicle Wash Solutions within 7 days of the date of the invoice and the items are sited by a representative of Allcare Vehicle Wash Solutions to confirm that the damage was not caused by the customer.


Risk of damage, loss or deterioration to product passes to the buyer on delivery