Sensations Blue/Gold/Red

PACK SIZE: 5 Gallons

Sensations are vibrant colored high foaming foaming conditioners which are extremely versatile for use in many applications. Cleans vehicle surface while adding visual and sensual appeal. Available in cherry red, blueberry blue and banana gold.

  • Sensations produce unrivaled results when used in the foam brush application of self serve systems as well as the tri-colour conditioner in automatic machines. As a foaming conditioner, sensations are also excellent for use in the conditioning gun application in self serve systems and as the tri-colour foam in automatic tunnels.
  • Sensations Foam Brush & Conditioners feature rich fragrances and  abundant foam for visual and sensual customer appeal
  • Their unique conditioner formulation provides excellent preparation for the wax application which will promote a higher sheen and longer lasting protection for the vehicle surface.
  • Sensations Foam Conditioners are effective as part of a single colour or tri-colour process and are available in red with a cherry fragrance, blue with a blueberry fragrance and gold with a banana fragrance

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